3D and Critical Lift Planning

ECR Crane & Rigging offers precision and expertise so your lift project goes off without a hitch

Successful execution requires methodical planning

The planning phase of any critical lift project is its most important. Every step of the lift process follows from this plan, with no room for improvisation or overconfidence. ECR Crane & Rigging is committed to methodically planning out each phase of the lift to ensure smooth execution and zero damage or delay. This requires close consultation with our clients and consideration of all variables.


Typically incorporated into ECR Crane & Rigging’s lift planning:
  • The load’s 3-axis dimensions
  • The load’s weight and center of gravity
  • The number and location of lift points
  • The site’s headroom, obstructions, and their tolerances
  • Ground stability and load-bearing capacities
  • Facilities or equipment under the load path at potential risk
  • CBRN risk assessment

ECR Crane & Rigging lift planning mitigates risk and drives efficiency

3D lift planning allows us to know exactly where to position the cranes for stability, the best orientation to transport the load into the site, and the ideal sequence of moves. All of this cuts inefficiencies from the processes, which means reduced costs for your project.

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