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ECR Crane & Rigging welcomes the opportunity to solve your complex and urgent heavy lift challenges

Innovative Solutions to Complex Lift and Transport Projects

Moving heavy machinery or construction materials is never a simple process and never without risk. Even when moving something massive just a few feet, it takes specialized knowledge and equipment to ensure the load and the site remain undamaged, and the people working the project remain safe.

With ECR Crane & Rigging's modern truck crane fleet, expert operators, and specialist planners backing your project, you can be assured of a safe and cost-effective industrial lift or move solution. Contact us today to discuss your project.


With ECR Crane & Rigging, you get:
  • Certified operators and riggers
  • Modern, well-maintained equipment
  • Multi-industry expertise
  • 3D and critical lift planning
ECR Crane & Rigging’s fleet
  • 140 t Link-Belt truck crane
  • Dual 110 t Link-Belt truck cranes
  • Multiple truck cranes from 10 to 60 t
  • Flatbed, lowboy, and Landoll heavy haul rigs

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Rigging and hoisting a critical load requires coordinated expertise and specialized equipment.

Whatever industry you are in, managing a heavy lift or move could very well be outside your area of expertise. Even if your operation prides itself on independence and a can-do attitude, the risks to your property or to the environment call for leaving the logistics up to professionals.

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3D and Critical Lift Planning

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